Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tessa's Scarf Hat

Here's Tessa's scarf-hat. A concoction all my own. You make a really long stocking cap and then wrap the tail around your neck. I think I got the idea from watching A Christmas Story and all those kids in winter gear. It was done in bright red and has stars on the enormous tassel. Molly wants to steal it. LOOK OUT TESSA!!!

Friday, December 7, 2007

The Citrus Skinny Scarf

So this is one of my oldest scarves and my first skinny scarf. See... I'm a kid from the 80's who liked new wave music and skinny ties and all that crap. So... Why not a crazy long skinny scarf you have to wrap around your neck fifty times? So that is what I knit out of yarn I liked best for the color but is so crazy rough I will have to wash it a million billion times to try and make it wearable... Anyways... There is a DVD in there for scale... Tibet (my cat) is in there because omg it is made of string. It is still waiting on the tassels for the ends. I love pointed ends.

Molly's Scarf

When Molly found out I can knit she said - well then knit me a scarf. So I said, ok just buy me the yarn. Then began the YEAR it took me to actually knit it. Why? I am a lazy ass knitter. She kept asking about it to the point I went insane and finally finished it. She is glad because it kept her neck warm this past year. Yay Molly! She added the kitty patch and it looks quite cute! This was knitted with some really crazy soft chenille.

Lyndz's Scarf

This is the scarf I gave Lyndz for her birthday this september, she seemed to like it a lot! That makes me quite pleased. I liked the yarn becuse it looks like I murdered Elmo to get it. Hahahaha!

In progress blue poodle scarf

This is a scarf that I began many moons ago when the world was young and I was a happier person. Then I stopped to be able to work on something else for someone else and I still have not gone back to it. Poor scarf...

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Curtis' Scarf <3

This is the scarf I made for Curtis. It's cute! You can tell I really think so. This was actually the fourth knitted thing I made for someone else. I really adore Curtis so I wanted to take his decreed color "orange" and make something very autumny which seemed to be his favorite season. <3>

Monday, November 26, 2007


I have a knitting blog now.